About Us


Founded in 2000, Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the SaddleBrooke Library System.

Mission Statement

FSL’s mission is to:

  • Provide funds for the three SaddleBrooke Libraries
  • Maintain a fee-based membership of persons interested in books and libraries
  • Sponsor enrichment opportunities for the community
  • Solicit tax-exempt gifts of money, materials and in-kind donations

Our members support this mission by volunteering, attending fundraising events, encouraging friends to join FSL, donating library materials, and promoting increases in membership levels.

Volunteers from both HOA1 and HOA2 manage FSL. Operating separately from the library system, FSL works closely with Library Management to ensure all three libraries receive needed funding. Since its inception, FSL has provided grants to the libraries. Typically these grants total more than $30,000 per year.

More than 50% of SaddleBrooke households are registered to use the library system and nearly 15% of SaddleBrooke households are members of FSL.

2019-20 FSL Board and Committee Members

Board Members

President: Laura Pauli
Vice-President: Barry Swartzberg
Secretary: Annette AuBuchon
Treasurer: Mark Steinsdoerfer

Author Luncheon Chair: Judi Brauns

Lecture Series Chair: Nancy McCluskey-Moore

Public Relations Chair: Joyce Faulkner
Membership: Sharon Triester

Members at Large: Bernice Christian
Director, SaddleBrooke Libraries: Janet Fabio

If you have questions about joining FSL, please contact our Membership Chair, Sharon Triester, at astriester@yahoo.com or 825-9880.