Member Spotlight


Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries has many wonderful members who contribute to the funding of materials for our three libraries. Currently we are focusing on …

Carol Eisenbraun

Carol Eisenbraun’s love of books began in a one-room country school in South Dakota. Her teacher began each school day by reading aloud a chapter from a book. Her ability to choose books, such as Call of the Wild, that appealed to students in first through eighth grades, as well as her animated reading style captured Carol’s imagination and encouraged her interest in reading. When Carol’s family moved into town, she discovered the county library. “I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”

Carol graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in physical education, health and recreation and then taught at there. When her husband Dal’s job took them to Southern California, Illinois and Michigan, Carol taught at Illinois Wesleyan College and performed volunteer work in Michigan.

Carol and Dal moved to SaddleBrooke in 1999. They had considered retiring to Southern California, but while participating in a National Senior Olympics (she in track & field and tennis, Dal in baseball and softball), they visited the Robson information booth. A visit to SaddleBrooke ensued. Coming down the hill, and seeing the SaddleBrooke community spread across the Catalina foothills convinced the Eisenbraun’s that this was good place to retire. “We loved the weather, sports opportunities and amenities. We wanted an active community.”

As avid readers, they quickly discovered the SaddleBrooke One Library, the only community library at the time. They found a Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries membership application and decided to become supporters. “We had always purchased most of the books we read. When we left Michigan, we donated between 500 and 750 books to the local libraries. With the addition of Cholla and DesertView Libraries, we can keep up our habit of reading three or four books a week without buying them.” And when they have traveled, the libraries’ books on tape made the miles fly by.

As Carol says, “Libraries are such an important resource. They give us access to learning and entertainment. Especially during the pandemic, we could safely travel in our minds. Our sense of isolation was overcome by reading, allowing the books to take us outside our home.”

As Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries, Carol and Dal Eisenbraun are enthusiastic supporters of our libraries. Their financial assistance allows the Friends to fund the purchase of new library materials and host the annual FSL lecture series. They both have enjoyed FSL trips and attending twice-yearly author’s luncheons. “I love the author’s luncheons, says Carol. “It’s interesting to meet the person behind the words.”